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Our project will include young people aged 14-17 who are threatened with the problems of obesity, addiction related to uncontrolled using of the internet, unhealthy lifestyle and diseases of civilization. The project will be realized during the work in schools, mobilities, meetings with specialists in the field of dietetics, psychology, law, during sports activities, exchanges of the experiences, through correspondence and making the tasks which result from the schedule and from the evaluation of the project. he aim of the project is to motivate young people to the healthy life style and to encourage them to do sports. We want to show them an attractive alternative of spending their free time. The aim of the project is making teenagers aware of civilization threats of the contemporary world and showing them the possible solutions and the ways to seek help.

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        Healthy Nutrition - Poland

      Christmas Cards made by our Students - the Christmas wishes for all of you, our Friends

Polish students made Christmas cards with the receipe for the traditional Polish Christmas meal and sent them to their peers in the partner schools - beginning of December 2015



Healthly allies


1.Natural elixir of youth is vitamin E, which gives as for example vitability,energy for living, it make wrinkles smooth. However if you want that efekts will be shown you have to make a vitamin elixir which contains wheat germs and seets of wheat.
2.Green Juices - it is coctail made of 60 % of fruits and 40% vegetables like :spinach , cabbage, salat, celler, germs, apples, pears. It aim is to have smooth skin and to remove toxic things from organism.
3.Cherry coctail- it makes you young and it remove wrinkles. It contains soya milk cherries and wheat.


  • Buckwheat
  • Barley
  • Millet
  • Semolina
  • Corn grits
  • Couscous
  • Porridge
Groat contains high levels of starch, which is distributed into glucose in human organism.
Therefore groat is high energy valued product. It's also rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals. Groat is great source of vitamins form group B.
Most of vitamin B1 is in buckwheat and millet. Vitamin B2 in buckwheat and barley.
Groat also contains folic acid and vitamin Edaras.


Probiotics are bacterias producing lactobacilli. They are a counterweight for harmful bacterias of our body.
Probiotics are components of food which are not subjecting digestion. It is mostly a dietary fiber. In their task is to amplify the bacterial flora.


Kitchen salt is the most popular edible salt. It is available in every store. It is subjected to chemical treatment, for example by sulfide acid. This way there is lack of minerals. Kitchen salt consist of 40% of sodium. There is special ingredient which prevents the formation of lumps. Nowadays producers of kitchen salt add iodine to the packs of salt. They do that to prevent Hypothyroidism.

Rock salt is mined from natural deposits in mines in the form of lumps of salt, without further purification, and then crushed and ground. Its grains are not as small as grains of kitchen salt. On our tables it goes in fine or coarse grained form. Rock salt can be a little contaminated, but thanks to it this salt contains more mineral components such as potassium, chromium, calcium, manganese, copper or magnesium.

Sea salt is acquired in natural process - evaporate of the sea water. Sea salt consist of very important microelements for example magnesium, iodium, zinc, potassium, elenium and lithium. This kind of salt is devoided of chemical suplements. Comparing kitchen salt and sea salt we can say that sea salt has a more distinct taste, so that's way we use less amount of it, what makes it better for our health. Properties of sea salt cause that this is the most healthy kind of salt and we should use it more often than popular kitchen salt.

Flavoured salt is the least popular and least available. It is produced by mixing rock salt with appropriately selected spices and herbs like pepper, garlic, dried vegetables. Flavoured salt can contain flavor enhancers or preservatives, fragrances and synthetic food pigments, and that's why it isn't the healthiest. Because of herbs, this type of salt is added to dish when it is ready to serve to make all delicate aromas noticeable.

Himalayan salt is known for its pink color shade (thanks to the iron in its composition). Himalayan salt became culinary hit next to the classic sea salt. Genuine himalayan salt can consist of over 80 minerals, also it is recognized as the clearest salt. We can find it fine or coarse grained form, usually in mills to sprinkle dishes with it just before serving.


Ginger is one of the oldest plants, which has been used to treat people for ages. It is also a good spice. It comes from tropical regions such as Asia and Oceania. We use its root, in medicine called "hot root", to make our body hot. Its flavour is spicy and a little bitter. Ginger makes digestion easier. It is recommended to people with high cholesterol. It cures from cold, migraine, infections and reduces pain, stiffness of joints.

Garlic comes from Asia, but for centuries is cultivated in Poland, where it became very popular as a spice and… medicine. It protects our immune system from bacteria, virus and parasite infections. Fresh smashed garlic is stronger drug than penicillin or tetracycline, which is proved by laboratories tests. It is used to cure throat, bronchi and lungs, improves digestion and absorption, produce more insulin by pancreas. It can reduce level of cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent from heart attacks and effusion.

Dill comes from Europe and is very often used as a medicine for stomach aches and flatulences, it reduces kidneys work. It improves digestion and removes toxins from our organism. Dill will be a good idea for lack of appetite or a… hiccup!

Cumin has been used since ancient times, Greece and Rome, to make digestion easier. That is because cumin seeds have antispasmodic properties. It treats bronchitis or cough and is safe for children, that's why we can find it in colic soothing tea or another drugs. It is also recommended to people who have problems with liver.

Turmeric comes from Asia. It has a strong smell and a spicy taste. It gives the dishes a yellow colour. Turmeric is used in medicine. It has anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and cleansing properties. This spice is used in cosmetics too. Foe example, face packs are made of turmeric.

Cloves owe all their properties from the volatile oil which is antiseptic and analgesic. Cloves improve digestion and metabolism. It is the perfect cure for stress and for patients suffering from insomnia.


      Substitutes of sweets

      Syrup of dactyl

Syrup of dactyl -has all the vitamins contained in dactyls. Dactyl palm fruit contain a large amount of sugar .With sugars are proteins, fats, carotenes, vitamin B group (without vitamin B12), vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus. A dactyl syrup is ideal for sweetening tea, for making homemade candies and traditional cakes.
Xylitol (birch sugar) - a natural sugar derived mostly from birch. It is as sweet as ordinary sugar, but contains 40% less calories. It is a mirror image of sugar. While sugar wreaks havoc on our body, xylitol heals the body, strengthens the immune system defends against chronic diseases and has the properties of delaying the aging process. Xylitol is highly desirable in the prevention of osteoporosis because it increases the absorption of calcium. The list of advantages of xylitol is very long! Xylitol is a pentose sugar, which means it has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the growth of bacteria.
Stevia is very sweet (150-300 times sweeter than sugar) and almost calorie free. Stevia is produced for fresh, dried or powdered leaves. It contains B vitamins and vitamin C and essential minerals: magnesium, chromium, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium, as well as fats and proteins. In herbal medicine it is used as a tonic, diuretic and germicide.
M?nuka honey is a monofloral honey produced in Australia and New Zealand from the nectar of the manuka tree. Manuka honey properties:
  • improves blood circulation
  • lower blood pressure
  • increases the production of new blood cells
  • increases immunity

      Healthy beverages

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Making healthy cookies



Healthy Food Campaign called "Eat fruit and vegetables 5 times a day" was held in our school on 19th May. Our students made the posters and banners with slogans related to the the theme of the campaign. Moreover,they prepared the healthy snacks of fruit and vegetables for the whole school community.