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Our project will include young people aged 14-17 who are threatened with the problems of obesity, addiction related to uncontrolled using of the internet, unhealthy lifestyle and diseases of civilization. The project will be realized during the work in schools, mobilities, meetings with specialists in the field of dietetics, psychology, law, during sports activities, exchanges of the experiences, through correspondence and making the tasks which result from the schedule and from the evaluation of the project. he aim of the project is to motivate young people to the healthy life style and to encourage them to do sports. We want to show them an attractive alternative of spending their free time. The aim of the project is making teenagers aware of civilization threats of the contemporary world and showing them the possible solutions and the ways to seek help.

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        Memories from Italy

    Visit to Italy -
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      Polish students memories from Naples

      Italian students memories: Dreams diary

      Austrian students memories:

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      Catalan memories from Italy

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        Memories from Sweden

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     Italian memories of the Swedish mobility

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     Catalan memories of the Swidish mobility: 1. memories and 2. memories

     Swedish memories of the Swedish mobility

        Memories from Catalonia

     Polish students memories

     Icelandic memories from Catalonia

     Italian memories about Catalonia

     Austrian memories from Catalonia

     Swedish memories from Catalonia

        Memories from Austria

     Polish students memories

     Italian students memories

     Icelandic students memories

     Swedish students memories

     Catalan students memories no. 1

     Catalan students memories no. 2

        Memories from Poland 21.05.-25.05.18.

     Italian memories

     Swedish memories

     Austrian memories from Poland

     Icelandic memories from Poland

     Catalan memories from Poland

     Teachers memories after the meeting in Poland

        Memories from Teachers about TPMs

         Teachers memories after the meeting in Italy

         Teachers memories after the meeting in Iceland

         Teachers memories after the meeting in Poland